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How To Spot A Fake Wedding Vendor

Colours Photographic want to ensure you enjoy your wedding day and capture the happy events perfectly, so please take a few moments to read the studios ultimate wedding information guide to frequently asked questions and the studios wedding explainer on how to stay safe and avoid being scammed on social media, when booking the services of a legitimate wedding vendor.

Noted below are the most frequently asked questions, asked by beautiful couples in love, when they visit the photography studios registered business premises on Dunfermline High Street in Fife, to enquire about wedding photography services during the course of booking Colours Photographic to photograph their wedding day.

The suggestions outlined underneath on staying safe are in no particular order or relevance but have come up time and time again over the period of the last 30 years, during the occupation of shooting wedding photography professionally.

Colours Photographic have decided to note them down here and offer a little bit of helpful buying advice and guidance when looking to safely book an established professional wedding photographer in Fife operating a social distancing policy, along with the pitfalls, scams and catfishing online fraudsters, you could encounter on social media and should be aware of when involved in shopping for wedding photography during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Colours Photographic hope this helps in some way of informing your buying decision on why you should employ an approved professional wedding photographers services to photograph your big day.

  • Why Visit a Trusted Photography Studios Storefront To Book Wedding Photography in Fife?

    The health and safety of customers is the High Street photography studio and stores number one concern, Colours Photographic would always highly recommend an in-person visit /consultation with the licensed professional wedding photographer you are thinking of booking within an approved photo studios storefront or registered commercial business premises, adhering to the Scottish Governments (Covid-19) secure guidelines set out for photography studios and retail shop premises in Scotland.

    In an age of Internet related scams, fake and paid for social media reviews and fraudulent websites, Colours Photographic studios advice is too always remain vigilant and stay safe.

    It’s often difficult to tell for sure, if a business is legitimate or fake, just by liking or looking at a social media post, visiting a slick website or by making a call to a mobile phone number, especially if there are no statutory displayed commercial business address details, including how and where the wedding vendor commercially operates and is trading from in off-line reality.

    How To Stay Safe and Spot a Scam on Social Media While Shopping for Wedding Photography

    Arranging to safely visit a well-known local photographers studio, Town Centre retail storefront or established wedding vendors statutory registered business premises, will give you a thorough understanding of an organizations retail operations and set your mind at rest, before parting with any form of payment while shopping for wedding photography services off-line in real life.

    If an individual raises any form of objections, about you visiting them in-person at their supposed wedding business premises, it should heighten your suspicions and is definitely a red flag.

    More often than not, their trading address details are usually hidden away from view on their website, if present at all. There is a statutory legal requirement for them to properly and prominently display their business trading address details, if it can’t be found, walk away.

    Being able to visit a trusted photography companys studio or storefront is the best way to get a good feel for the kind of organization and people you are dealing with and are going to have around all day on your socially distanced wedding day.

    This also gives you the opportunity, under a strict Coronavirus protection protocol, to safely view with confidence a display of finished wedding albums and framed photographs of previous work, in-store at the commercial shop premises of a covid-secure photographic studios showroom and gallery.

    Colours Photographic would strongly recommend against paying out large deposits for any type of wedding services in full, to random unfamiliar suppliers you may come across on social media, the internet or at wedding fayres (no matter how good today’s tempting show offer of a cheap, special offer or huge discount may seem, if you book and pay now in full) at least wait, until you have visited the unknown wedding vendor for appraisal at their photography studio or legitimate commercial business premises, before entering into any type of agreement or parting with any form of payment.

    The studio would caution against visiting or meeting up with a complete stranger you have just met through a free classifieds ad online or via social media, who claims to be a professional wedding photographer in Fife and only appears to be contactable via mobile phone with no details of a statutory registered office address or publicly displayed visitable commercial business premises.

    The person may offer to meet you in a hotel pub or supermarket car park somewhere for you to pay them upfront or try to invite themselves into your home, to pressure sell to you and offer large discounts, if you pay them in full by cash for your wedding photographs, there and then at the time of booking (yes this does happen and fraud within the wedding industry is not as rare as you might think and yes, people do fall for these kinds of scams).

    Remember scammers and rogue traders regularly advertise fake wedding services on-line via social media marketplaces and private / closed groups at a fraction of the price and true costs associated with running a legitimate commercial wedding business, providing a professional service. Generally if their offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Always check out in-person who you’re dealing with, don’t let an online wedding scammer spoil your big day.

    Don’t Get Scammed on your Wedding Day by a Fauxtographer (Fake Photographer)

    Think about this for a minute, you are about to hand over a large sum of your hard earned wedding day savings to a random unknown vendor and complete stranger, you’ve just met over the Internet.

    If you have never visited the commercial retail premises of the supposed photographers registered place of business or photography studio, to check the provenance of their professional activities and previous business track record, how are you going to find them, if things go wrong and you need to contact them or they don’t turn up at your wedding or heaven forbid they dissapear with a large deposit of your money.

    Any con artist looking to dupe you with an on-line only presence on social media or the internet can reassure you with a fake listing at a local address and burner mobile phone number.

    If the individual concerned is the credible, genuine successful professional wedding photographer they claim to be on social media platforms or their website, then they should have no problem with you visiting them in person in-store at their commercial photographic studio, licensed business premises or professional workspace for a wedding consultation. Where they will be conducting a legitimate wedding photography business from that will be registered with the relevant local authority or regional county council, licensed to operate as a commercial business property.

    Pay and Shop for Wedding Photography Off-Line with Confidence in the Stores Safe Retail Environment

    Colours Photographic would also advise you never to pay in full by cash at the time of booking wedding photography with a random photographer found only on social media.

    Here at the retail shop premises of Colours Photographic in Dunfermline Town Shopping Centre, the studio only ever ask you for a deposit to reserve your wedding date at the Fife High Street store, where we offer you the consumer, a safe, secure and convenient way of paying and shopping for wedding photography with confidence, accepting all major debit, credit card and various contactless payment types including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, you then pay nothing further until 21 days before or after your wedding day.

    Colours Photographic never try to pressure sell you into booking on the spot at the photography studio and always recommend you go away and have a think about things, if you need to discuss matters.

    Colours Photographic have lost count over the years of the number of wedding horror stories, heard first hand from brides-to-be or read about in the national press of fauxtographers(fake photographers), letting down brides and grooms at the last minute or online catfishing fraudsters scamming brides that have booked bogus photography or wedding services via one of the above methods and then been left high and dry, either before or on their actual wedding day.

    So as with everything else involved in the booking and selection of genuine wedding suppliers for your big day and for your own piece of mind, always ensure you carry out some due dilligence and arrange an in-store visit with your chosen professional wedding photographer at their photo studio or stores legitimate retail business premises as a matter of course, to ensure you hire the services of experienced trusted wedding professionals in Fife with a proven business track record within the UK wedding industry and photographic trade.

  • Are All Your Wedding Photos Actually From Real Weddings?

    Yes, all the wedding photographs on the website and on display in the wedding and portrait photography studios registered business premises on Dunfermline High Street in Fife are real pictures from real weddings we have covered, there are no fake or staged lifestyle type Instagram wedding photoshoots or sessions with professional models used in any of the pictures.

    All of the pictures displayed on the website and within the Fife Town Centre store have been taken on the actual day of the real wedding with real brides and grooms, some of whom you may even recognise. They are not faked on a photoshoot as part of an advertorial for a bridal website/publication or staged at a later date were the bride is made up again for a trash the dress shoot, ever wondered how a bride and groom come to be standing at the top of a mountain or rustic woodland in the middle of nowhere with not a wedding venue or guest in site for over a 100 miles, this is what are known as fake wedding photos or another popular one is where the photos are taken as part of a styled bridal photoshoot on a training course or set up and staged for a wedding venues hotel brochure or social media feed and people try to pass them off as being taken on an actual real wedding.

  • When Do We Get To See The Photos From Our Wedding?

    Your wedding photos are usually supplied in what we call a wedding proof look book, your proof book is usually ready for you to collect from the photography studio in Fife upon return from your honeymoon approx 3 weeks after your wedding. It will contain all the wedding pictures taken on the day of your wedding, to enable you to make your final selection for your finished wedding album. If you wish for your wedding photographs to be displayed in an online gallery, so friends and family can see them, we can arrange this for you and it would involve an additional fee to cover hosting, set up costs etc, we can discuss this with you at the time of your meeting. Colours Photographic generally don’t include this as standard now in the packages to help keep costs down for people who may not require this service and are more than happy with a wedding photograph proof book.

  • Do We Have To Book You There and Then When We Visit Your Photography Studio in Fife?

    No, you are in no way required to book Colours Photographic immediately or under any obligation to do so and are free to go away, if you wish to discuss things between yourselves, the studio does not operate any pushy sales tactics. We can usually hold the date for up to 7 days for you after you have been into see us at our Fife photography studios showroom in Dunfermline, for you to decide if we are the right fit for you, as long as there is currently no one else chasing the same date. If you do decide to go ahead and book we would require you to pop back into the studio to pay your wedding reservation fee and for us to fill out some paperwork to get all the necessary details of your wedding day from you.

  • Can We Buy A Pre-Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot?

    Yes, if this is something you think you would require we can offer you a pre-wedding love shoot either within the photography studio or on location, there would be an additional charge for this type of photography and it’s also a nice way to celebrate your engagement and perhaps to give out photographs of yourselves as framed gifts to parents and family on the day of your actual wedding. We can discuss this further at your meeting if you feel this is of interest to you both.

  • Do I Have to Pay UpFront and How Much Does a Wedding Photo Package Cost?

    To confirm your wedding photography booking with the studio a non-refundable reservation fee of 25% of your chosen package is payable at the time of your wedding consultation at the store to keep the date aside for you. This is deductable off the final balance of your chosen coverage. You then pay nothing further until 21 days before or after the date of your wedding, when the final remaining balance of 75% of your package price is due and payable at the photo studios storefront. This also gives us both the opportunity to run through and confirm all the details once again, before your wedding day. If you have any last minute requests for pictures you would like taken on the day, this is the time to mention them.

    On average, most fun couples in love typically spend anywhere between £500 – £1,500 at the photography studio on their wedding photography of course this largely depends on your own individual budget and the type of photography coverage, photographic services and finished photo products, you would like us to provide for you on your wedding day.

  • How Many Photos Can We Have In Our Final Wedding Album?

    The short answer is as many as you would like, but it does start to look a bit busy and cramped if you put in too many, due to the way the pages are layed out, which you will be able to see when you visit the studio to view the wedding albums. We usually suggest 3 to 5 images on a page and most couples usually choose anywhere between 70 – 90 images for their wedding album, you can also of course add extra pages into your album which allows for extra pictures, there is a small additional fee charged for any extra pages.

  • How Long Will It Take To Shoot Photos At Our Wedding and Can We Have Group/Guest Photos Taken?

    This is a very popular question and one which comes up quite often from couples that have been to a friends wedding, were the newly weds on the day seem to have dissapeared with their chosen photographer for what seems like 4 or 5 hours and sometimes even an eternity! Here at Colours Photographic we try not to take you away from your wedding and family, guests for too long, it just depends on how important the romantic couple portraits are to you both, but we would usually like approx 60 – 90 minutes alone with you both as a married couple if possible.

    Yes, we do take family group photographs and this is a very important record of your wedding day and part of your family’s legacy, we try to limit this to about 10 -15 groups, as guests and family members can get fed up, quite quickly having been asked to hang around and be ordered about into group shots, when they would rather be in the bar.

    It is in the studios interests and the bride and groom to ensure that everyone involved in your wedding day works together in collaboration, to get the pictures taken in a timely and helpful manner.

    We cannot be held responsible or liable, due to time constraints or to a wedding running late, due to other wedding vendors or suppliers, disrupting the photographers photography workflow for whatever reason, for any missed photographs that may have been requested to be taken with the bride and groom, due to missing or uncooperative guests and family members, who do not present themselves to be photographed to us or cannot be found on the day of the wedding.

    It is your the clients responsibilty to ensure any guests or family members at the wedding who you would like to be photographed with and included in any of the pictures, can be easily found and to make themselves available to us for their photographs to be taken.

    We also often get asked if guests can take photos on their own phones and ipads, absolutely yes, it’s their wedding too and your guests can be as snap happy as they like, as long as we have your ultimate attention first.

  • Where Do You Take Pictures On Our Wedding Day?

    At the house – Make sure the chosen areas for taking photographs are tidied up, we will of course also tidy things up for you if somethings there that shouldn’t be, especially the bedroom, if selected. Dependant on the package chosen we will arrive at your home or if it’s the hotel your getting ready at for bridal preparation pictures of you and all your wedding team, approximately 2 to 4 hours before you are due to leave for the wedding ceremony depending on the hours of coverage you have chosen with the wedding package coverage option you have booked with us, so you have time to have some relaxed and informal reportage wedding photography taken.

    At the ceremony – Although the custom can quite often be for the bride to arrive a few minutes late, most ministers and celebrants do not go along with this. Plan to arrive at the place of your ceremony about 10 minutes before the service is due to begin.

    At the reception venue – We generally follow you directly to the reception venue if it’s a church wedding unless you have pre-arranged to stop off, to go to a special location of your choosing for any photographs. Upon arrival at the hotel we will shoot the arranged wedding pictures in various locations at the venue, this way most of the guests can mingle amongst themselves, while we take family and bridal party photographs, before taking the two of you away for some romantic portraits on your own.

    At the meal speeches – Depending on your level of coverage and package booked we normally stay around to catch some group photographs of the guests seated at their tables and to cover the speeches, before leaving you to enjoy your meal and set up the photo booth for the evenings entertainment.

    At the first dance – Before the first dance gets under way we normally capture some photographs of you both cutting your cake for real and then get pictures of the first few dances of the bridal party and everyone.

    At the photo booth – Once the first few dances are over and out of the way, we open up the photo booth for entertainment throughout the rest of the evening, where family and guests can have some fun filled photo moments in our wedding photo booth and leave a copy of their photos in your guest book with a message.

  • What Can You Do About The Scottish Weather On Our Wedding Day?

    Unfortunately not a lot, no matter what time of the year you plan to have your wedding in Scotland, the weather can be changeable and unpredictable. If it is windy, we suggest having some extra hair clips handy for the veil. If it is raining, we will use our discretion as to where the photographs should be taken. Co-operation from all concerned will ensure the wedding photographs are taken as quickly as possible, using the best facilities available on the day at your chosen wedding venue.

  • Can Our Family and Friends Purchase Wedding Photos?

    Yes of course they can there are order details within your wedding photograph proof look-book with the various sizes and products that we provide, along with full price details, you can purchase these either framed or unframed supplied in presentation mounts and prove to be very popular with parents and grandparents looking for a keepsake from your wedding day.

  • Can You Provide A Second Photographer At Our Wedding If We Need One?

    Yes we can supply a second photographer if this is something you feel you would like at your wedding to maybe provide some extra coverage, there would be an additional fee payable for this service on top of your wedding package price, depending on your specific circumstances and whether you want an extra professional wedding photographer to shoot the grooms getting ready at say a different location etc. We can discuss this with you further at the time of your visit to the photography studio.

  • Will You Be The Professional Photographer Taking the Pictures on our Wedding Day?

    Yes, we always fully undertake the professional photography of your wedding personally, we do not sub contract your wedding photography out to bedroom hobbyists, weekend warriors or amateur photographers, that may have snapped a few photos at a friends wedding as part of their hobby.

    If at all possible your wedding day photography should never be entrusted to someone who has no experience of professionally shooting weddings on a regualr basis or is not properly insured to do so. Your wedding venue will usually want proof that the business hired is properly insured anyway, if they are not familiar with them.

    With all the above being said, would you really want to entrust the most important day of your life to someone with no experience? No, we didn’t think so, Just because uncle Bob owns a nice big shiny camera and has watched a couple of videos on the internet or your family’s friendly neighbour down the road with a social media page, may have some lovely pictures of landscapes, cats and snaps of their dinner, does not invariably make them professional wedding photographers, capable of shooting a full-blown wedding with the various time constraints involved for the smooth running order of the day. Get wed safely and use a professional photographer, who knows, what they are doing.

    All our secondary photographers that may work alongside us on your wedding day, if you require a second photographer are professional full-time photographers who have as many years of experience in the UK wedding industry as ourselves.

  • Can We Pay By Installments and Spread The Cost?

    Yes we realise not everyone has an unlimited budget for wedding photography on their wedding day and being able to pay over a number of months prior to the wedding day can be very popular with some clients who have smaller budgets and like this type of flexibility in being able to spread the cost. The studios current option were by you pay an intial deposit upon booking your wedding photography then a further payment of the outstanding balance 21 days before the wedding day is very popular with most couples. If you are looking to spread your budget before the wedding, we can discuss this further at the time of your meeting at the photographic studios storefront.

  • We Both Work Shifts Can We Visit Your Photo Studios High St Store Outwith Normal Hours?

    Yes absolutely if you both work shifts or different hours and it’s more convenient for both of you to visit the photography studio and physical storefront in the evening, either during the week or weekends, then this is fine. Just give us a call or contact us to arrange a suitable time, that you can both manage.

  • What (Covid-19) Compliance Measures are in place within the Photo Studio?

    How worried should we be about (Covid-19) when visiting the photo studios business premises and store to book wedding photography? We would like to put your mind at rest as we come out of the UK lockdown, we know you may feel anxious and worried about the Coronavirus pandemic in Scotland, when out in public, while shopping within retail store spaces and what precautions we have in place to protect you at the photography studio, when coming to see us about booking your wedding day photography.

    You can rest assured, as the Uk’s leading wedding photography business on Dunfermline High Street in Fife, we have implemented a robust policy of social distancing measures throughout the photography studio and stores business premises, complying in full to the current UK laws and regulations, surrounding suppressing the transmission of (Covid-19) in photographic studios.

    Undernoted are some of the measures we have in place at the business premises to protect you and ourselves, in order to keep us all safe from the spread of Coronavirus, the list of virus safety protection measures in operation at the store to help prevent infection within the photographic studio and retail storefront is by no means exhaustive and is constantly updated in line with the advice and official guidance we receive from the UK and Scottish Government on social distancing within retail stores and photography studios.

    Please do not get upset or take offence, if we do not shake your hand or hug you at the start or end of your face-to-face meeting at the studios establishment, we are trying to minimise person to person contact as much as possible by not shaking hands or hugging as a means of greeting you, when you enter or leave the photo studios reception area.

    Food and drink are currently not allowed to be consumed anywhere within the store and photography studios premises.

    Only two members from the same household will be permitted to enter the store for an in-person meeting with photo experts within the studios photo gallery and showroom at anytime over the course of the next few months, until the R-number is significantly reduced.

    There is clear signage and markings on the floor throughout the store and photo studio reminding customers of the social distancing measures and strict COVID-19 protection protocol in place at Colours Photographic studios commercial business premises.

    Colours Photographic are providing hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and sprays, all surfaces are cleaned before and after customers enter and exit the photography studio and storefront, including the wiping down of checkout payment machines and terminals.

    The studio also has in place, floorstanding clear flexiplastic safety partion screens, acting as a virus protection barrier, located within the showrooms reception area and photography studio for in-person customer-facing wedding consultations, to help prevent infection, along with (PPE) personal protective equipment including face masks and protective face shields worn in-store by the wedding photo product consultants.

    We look forward to welcoming you safely in-store at the covid-secure photography studio and storefront of Colours Photographic over the coming weeks and months.